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Guide to United States Air Force Insignia of the Persian Gulf

a good handy paperback book of patches worn up to 1994. The book is written by Jerome Polder and in mint condition

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Russian Airborne Spetsnaz and Elite Forces Patches

the book is black and white plates with many patches upto about 2000. The book also illustrates the units and formations who wear the patches and some dates when worn. It is written by Harry Pugh, Roy Turner and Kevin Wright and is in near mint condition. A good paperback book.

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Coronation and Royal Commenorative Medals 1887-1977

by Lt Col Howard N. Cole. A soft cover book which explains the events and issue of the medals listed. A very informative book. The book is in near mint condition

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Badges and Uniforms of the Royal Air Force

by Malcolm C. Hobart. A hard back book which illustartes most of the badges used from the RFC day's to the present including Air Training Corps. It describes when insignia came in to use and where it was worn. The book is in mint condition. International buyers, please contact me for postal options and prices first

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Medal News Magazine

When ordering please select quantity required and in the comments section the issue date: i.e. November 2010.
I have the following issues for sale all priced at 2.00 each. Please wait until I let you know the postage as I will combine the postage. What appears on your invoice will be incorrect. It will be cheaper. They are all are in near mint condition:
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December 2008 / January 2009
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June/July 2011
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February 2013

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